My Birthday Wish List

Hola! I'm uber excited about my birthday coming up in a few days. I'll be turning... drum-roll please... ... ... ... Haha! Gotcha!  Not telling! :p Because there are 3 things you should never ask a woman: her age, her weight and the amount of money in her bank account. LOL. Anyway, a lot of…Read more My Birthday Wish List


For James

The little things matter. I thought I knew. Or maybe I just never realized how much. Till I heard mum's screech which jolted me straight out of sleep. "Ufedo! James is dead!" I don't think I will ever forget those words. Because hearing them made me start to remember the little things. How he always…Read more For James



Living in the 20th /21st century has its perks. We communicate like never before, knowledge has become available in a way never before imagined, there are breakthroughs in almost every field; and life in general is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, one of the delights of the times may have become our downfall: Media. The average young person in these times has either grown up watching movies with extravagant ideas of romance as a major theme or read books woven with fabulous tales of sweeping romantic love. In the end, the guileless minds of 20th -21st century young people have built an idea of reality where romantic love is one of its major pillars and most build their lives around a search for this love. And the mind is a powerful thing. While it starts out naïve, innocent and empty, it presents a person with what an idea…

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Footprints by Faith

I’m not where I ought to be,

But thank God I’m not where I used to be,

I’m okay,

And I’m on my way.


The lyrics of a song say,

“When I remember the place where you brought me from,

Lord I thank you for where I am today,

I see you doing a new work in my life,

And I thank you for the future I see.”


So I am not afraid,

I am not afraid of criticism,

I choose to use it to make me a better person,

No, I am not afraid of making mistakes,

They will only teach me what not to do the next time,

And I am not afraid of getting hurt,

The past hurts broke me, and then made me stronger.


There is greatness within me,

And I will let it out,

And if the world turns its back on…

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